Frequently Asked Questions

100% Tuition-Back Guarantee
If you are not entirely happy with our programs (up to week 2 of the session) we will gladly refund 100% of your unused tuition or apply it as credit toward another program. Refund MUST Be requested by week 2. No refunds will be given after the second week of the session. A $10 refund processing fee will be charged.

Q: How do we pay tuition?  (New Payment Policy)
A: Gymnastics is a year-round activity with 4 sessions. At every fall registration, we require a new registration form be filled out. You must re-register for the next, new session. Instead of paying tuition for the entire year, you pay separately for 4 sessions. There is a $10 refund processing fee for all refunds. We accept cash, credit cards (5.00 convenience charge applies), or check here at Shooting Starz and we have a $30.00 fee for returned checks.

2019 Session Dates

2019 Winter Session: January 7th-March 31st (12 Week Session)

2019 Spring Session: April 8th-June 22nd (11 Week Session)

2019 Summer Session: July 8th-September 21st (11 Week Session)

2019 Fall Session: September 23rd-December 22nd (12 Week Session)

Annual Registration Fee – Every student pays this $20.00 fee upon initial registration and on your anniversary date thereafter.

Family Discount – We offer a generous discount for multiple classes for one child and multiple students from one family. We charge the same discount for either. Our discounts are: first class in family (the highest tuition) is full price, second and third classes $20.00 discount.

Q: Do you offer make-ups?
A: Tuition pays for your child’s spot in the class. However, as a courtesy, Shooting Starz gymnastics offers one make-up per session, to be made up within four weeks of the missed class. The make-up class must be of the same age and ability level when and where it does not interrupt the safety or the quality of class for those children registered in the class. We do not refund or give credit for missing a class. You must sign up on the gym makeup list that is hung in the lobby room. The student must be currently enrolled in class at the time of the scheduled appointment. Make ups MUST be scheduled 48 hrs in advance. Once made, it cannot be rescheduled. To schedule a make-up, call our office at (570) 822-1212 and request you desire date of make up on our MAKE–UP SHEET, located on our bulletin board wall (2 children limit allowed for a make-up class). Do not just show up one evening and assume he/she can make up. We MUST schedule and make sure we have proper ratio of coaches to students on.

Q: What should my child wear to class?
A: Please make sure your child is properly dressed for class. Appropriate clothing is extremely important to prevent injury and allow a gymnast to be able to learn and perform successfully. In gymnastics classes, we recommend girls wear a body leotard (without an attached skirt). Clothing should be fitted, but not tight and flexible but not baggy. Clothing that is too tight can restrict movement and clothing that is too loose can get caught or cause trips and falls. NO jewelry is allowed, except for small stud earrings in the case of newly pierced ears. No socks or tights should be worn during class because they can cause slips and falls on the beam. Hair that is long enough to get in the child’s eyes should always be tied back because it can impair vision or get caught. Drinks are allowed in the gym but only water or Gatorade in plastic bottles. Child must be taken to the restroom prior to class starting , to eliminate distractions during class

Q: Can I stay and watch my child in class?
A: We welcome our parents to stay and watch first and last class of each session ONLY.