Mini Starz & Me (Walking to 2) – Our Mini Twinklers & Me provides group playtime for you and your child, singing songs, parachute play and other group playtime activities. This class provides an excellent opportunity for your child to develop socialization skills while sharing uninterrupted quality play-time with you.

Be on the Lookout for the Return of Mini Starz!


Twinklers (Ages 2-3)This adult participation class provides an introduction to gymnastics for younger toddlers who love to run, jump, and swing. Children learn basic skills on the floor, beam, bars, and springboard focusing on improving motor skills, balance, coordination, and self-confidence. This class is great for parents or grandparents who want to share in the child’s first gymnastic experience providing support, encouragement, and guidance throughout the class.

Fall 2019 Session Times

Tuesday 10:45-11:30 @Team Gym ($155)

Wednesday 5:45-6:30 ($155)

Friday 9:30-10:15 ($155)

Saturday 9:00-9:45 ($155)


Little Leapers (Ages 3-4)Little Leapers is a beginner, structured gymnastics class, that teaches pre-school aged children the basic skills of gymnastics on the floor exercise, beam, bars and vault. This class introduces the basic skills on all events while focusing on developing balance, coordination, flexibility and self-confidence.

Fall 2019 Session Times

Monday 10:30-11:15 ($155)

Monday 5:00-5:45 ($155)

Tuesday 1:00-1:45 @ Team Gym ($155)

Wednesday 5:00-5:45 ($155)

Thursday 4:30-5:15 ($142)

Friday 10:30-11:15 ($155)

Saturday 10:45-11:30 ($155)


Shooting Starz (Ages 4-6)Shooting Starz is the next step for toddlers who have mastered the basics. In this class, gymnasts will work on more advanced elements on all four events while beginning to learn to concentrate on proper body form.

Fall 2019 Session Times

Monday 4:15-5:00 ($155)

Wednesday 4:15-5:00 ($155)

Wednesday 6:30-7:15 ($155)

Thursday 5:15-6:00 ($142)

Friday 11:30-12:15 ($155)

Saturday 10:00-10:45 ($155)

October Cartwheel Clinic

Cartwheel Clinic

October 14th


Cost: $15.00

At Team Gym


Lunch Bunch

Starting October 7th- Every Monday in October

Time: 12:00-1:30

Price: $10.00

Ages: 3-6

Where: Class Gym

Must Pre-Register

Pre-School Open Gym

Tuesdays 11:45-12:45

At the Team Gym! Come play with us!

Cost: $8.00

An hour of open play and fun in a safe and friendly environment.

Starts September 10th

Flip n' Glow Night

Saturday, October 5th


For ages 4 and up


At Team Gym


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